Wayne and Phyllys Wozniak

Latin America
Wayne and Phyllys Wozniak serve as Bible school planters and leaders in Peru and Colombia.
Missionary #: 065-0153

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In 1999, the Lord called us to leave a pastorate in Virginia to serve as missionaries in Peru.   God even prepared our teenage daughters to relocate overseas. Throughout our ministry, we established 4 Bible schools in 4 countries.

In April of 2000, we helped re-open the Church of God Bible college in Peru.  During our eight years as directors, a total of 150 students graduated from the three-year program, and 35 churches were planted by the students.  Today most of these graduates remain fruitful in ministry.

In 2008, we moved to Colombia to plant Berea Bible College.  We purchased an old chicken farm and converted it into a beautiful Bible school.  Eleven years later the school has produced 80 graduates who have planted 30 churches in Colombia.  Most of these graduates continue in ministry today pastoring healthy churches.

We continue to teach and preside over the Bible colleges in Colombia and Peru.  We also raise support for both colleges. We believe the best way to fulfill the great commission is to train national workers.  After all a native Peruvian can reach another Peruvian better, faster, and more cost effectively than anyone else can.  Our ministry primarily focuses on training national leaders to plant New Testament churches in strategic cities in South America.

Today there are 75 churches in Peru and Colombia that were planted by our Bible school graduates.

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