The Purpose of Church of God WORLD Missions

The Church of God is committed to making disciples throughout the world, obeying Christ by fulfilling the Great Commission: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” Matthew 28:19-20

The scriptural purposes for the involvement of the Church of God in missions are:

  • To fulfill the Great Commission of Christ (Matthew 28:19-20; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:17; John 20:21; Acts 1:8).
  • To share Christ’s love for the world (Luke 10:2; Matthew 9:36-38; Matthew 18:10-14).
  • To minister to the totality of human need (Matthew 24:31, 46; Luke 16:9; Luke 16:19-31; Luke 10:2).
  • To bring men and women to the knowledge of God and to His redeeming grace (John 3:16; Romans 10:13-15).
  • To obey Christ by confessing Him to the world (Matthew 10:32,33; Matthew 24:41-46).

Church of God World Missions exists to:

  • Preach the gospel of Christ
  • Develop mature disciples for the Kingdom of God
  • Lead non-Christian people to salvation
  • Help unchurched or nominal Christians become committed disciples of Christ
  • Train national leaders to proclaim the gospel to their own people and to other nations
  • Help relieve people who are suffering and in need

We Believe

The Church of God believes the whole Bible to be completely and equally inspired and that it is the written Word of God. The Church of God has adopted the Declaration of Faith as its standard and official expression of its doctrine.
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