Martin and Wendy Williams

Latin America
Martin and Wendy Williams share the Gospel while providing health, hope, and healing to the people in the rural villages of Honduras.
Missionary #: 065-0078

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Our ministry is to share the Gospel while providing health, hope, and healing to the people in the rural villages of Honduras. We moved there in 1994 to serve a one-year internship with Jack and Shirley Dyer, and our hearts never left. In 1999, God spoke very specifically and opened the doors for us to move to the capital city of Tegucigalpa to attend medical school.

In 2007, we completed and dedicated the Dyer Rural Hospital, also called the Jungle Hospital, to serve the 15,000+ people of the Cangrejal River Cove.  Since the opening of the hospital, our facilities have grown to include a dormitory to host visiting teams and practitioners, mid-term volunteer and intern housing, a Labor & Delivery Ward, and also a Surgical & Recovery Ward. We have had over 53,000 patient consults at the hospital and in our surrounding community since we opened and have delivered 39 babies!

We are also actively involved in our local public elementary schools providing health education, school visits involving health lessons and ministry, construction projects for needed repairs and updates, and teacher conferences for the 90+ educators in our mountain cove of 36 villages.

We purchased eight additional acres of land adjoining our hospital in 2019. On this site, we are currently building ten houses of various sizes (for families and singles) in order to expand our team of medical providers and support staff.  Another planned structure is a feeding/tutoring center for children in our village.

God has blessed our efforts and is sending more volunteers to work at our hospital even as we build the needed housing!  We raised two children, Samuel and Rachel, on the mission field and they both have a love for ministry and Honduras as they follow the call of God in their own lives.  What a blessing to serve as a family–it has shaped us like nothing else could. We give God all the glory and thank Him for His incredible faithfulness!

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