Benson and Cathy Vaughan

Latin America
Benson and Cathy Vaughan serve as missionary educators in Quito, Ecuador.
Missionary #: 065-0138

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Benson and Cathy are missionary-educators at the Seminary of South America (SEMISUD) in Quito, Ecuador. Their primary focus has always been teaching at the Seminary, but they are also involved in training ministers, developing leaders, strengthening local churches through outreach and workshops, and when possible, humanitarian aid.

Benson, a third-generation ordained bishop in the Church of God, formerly worked as a public school teacher in Maryland, and Cathy was a medical technologist who worked in hospitals in Maryland and Tennessee. They developed a love for international students while they both attended and graduated from Pentecostal Theological Seminary. It was during their seminary days that they realized God was calling them into missions, and they gladly accepted the call into that ministry. During the past 22 years, they have served as missionary educators in over 30 countries on five continents. Benson completed his PhD from the University of Birmingham (UK) and published a book about the music of the Church of God. Cathy is presently working on her PhD from South African Theological Seminary.

One of their many fond memories was an Easter tour to Portugal where 19 people gave their hearts to the Lord. Benson and Cathy believe in planting seeds into the lives of young men and women who will one day go into many countries of the world to spread the Gospel.

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