Manning and Jane Thornton

At Large
Manning and Jane Thornton serve globally in teaching and preaching ministries with an emphasis on educating pastors and leaders.
Missionary #: 065-0184

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We are focused on reaching the lost around the world through our ministry, “Missions for Christ.”  Our ministry for the lost is fulfilled in three ways:  (1) in teaching and training pastors and church leaders for ministry and evangelism;  (2) in evangelistic crusades and in national, regional and international conferences; and (3) through nurturing leadership.  Our ministry is world-wide having ministered in 63 countries and returning to most numerous times.

Manning has an earned Doctorate in “Preaching and Evangelism” which opens doors for teaching and training oversees.  Our full-time missions work began after 31 years of pastoral and leadership ministry.  We have served with Church of God World Missions for almost 22 years.

In Africa, we preach in local church services; in Conferences (local, regional, national and international venues); and in conducting and preaching Evangelistic Crusades in different African countries.  We also do teaching and training both in informal settings and in formal education (Local churches/Conferences; Bible Schools and Programs offering both B.A. and Masters Programs).  Our training consists in biblical and theological training, as well as pastoral development and enrichment with an ultimate goal of developing leaders who both nurture the Church and reach the lost of the world.

In Latin America, our work is very similar but more heavily involved in the Bible school teaching and informal conferences for teaching and development of pastors and leaders.  We also minister in the churches.

Our ministry has been very involved in Asian countries, often to closed areas.

Our work in missions has been about half preaching and evangelism and half teaching and training. In formal education, I have taught several times at Han University Seoul, Korea; two or three times at ASCM Manila, Philippines; European Theological Seminary in Moscow, Russia.  In addition, I have taught in a number of our Bible Schools, including Nigeria; Colombia; Uganda; Ghana; Ethiopia; Saigon, Vietnam; and many underground Bible Schools.  I have taught several times in the African Church of God “Teacher of Teacher” program which encompasses many of the African countries.  I have also taught in many informal arrangements through many countries—Thailand, Burma, Mongolia, Spain, Kiribati, Nepal and others.  Our preaching ministry has included national conferences, International African Conferences, local churches, and evangelistic crusades.

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