Tommy and Poppi Smith

Tommy and Poppi Smith do evangelism, discipleship, and benevolence work based in Indonesia.
Missionary #: 060-0089

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Poppi and I have been lifting up the Cross of Jesus Christ over Indonesia and beyond since 1983.  Based in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim majority country, the Lord has given us a five-pronged missions ministry of salt and light. We are making things better and brighter by:

• Penetrating the darkness with the Gospel light (Evangelism)
• Preparing disciples to finish the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment and in the Power of the Holy Spirit outpouring called the Third Pentecost (Leadership Development)
• Providing resources for pastors and workers (Ministerial Enrichment)
• Pulling down the strongholds of poverty and suffering (Benevolence)
• Partnering with kingdom-minded Christians in reaping a last days global harvest (Kingdom Partnerships)

With our fourteen Poppi’s Kitchen locations and our annual children’s Christmas celebrations, we take the words of Jesus (“You give them something to eat”) as divine guidance for our holistic and poverty crushing outreaches which serve the head (educationally), the heart (spiritually), and the stomach (physically) of precious hungry village children.

Thank you for helping us take the good news to Indonesia and beyond!

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