Ronald and Elaine Reagan

North America
Ronald and Elaine Reagan are involved in evangelistic outreach, church planting and construction projects in Ecuador.
Missionary #: 065-0165

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We were called to missionary evangelism shortly after our conversion in 1972. The call for missions has never left us. Throughout the years, we have served as Senior Pastor of several churches in Tennessee. During these years, we planted a church in East Tennessee. All these churches were very gracious to allow us to do mission work in Mexico, Africa, India, Ireland, Canada, Israel, Ukraine, Honduras, Brazil, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, and Ecuador.

The primary focus for the last fifteen years has been working with a local pastor in Ecuador where we have been successful in doing evangelistic events in all of the major cities. These crusades have been very fruitful. Our teams have helped to plant 5 churches as well as working with the people after devastating earthquakes and volcanoes. Our recent work has been with the indigenous people in Ambato, Ecuador.

Our teams have helped to build and repair several churches. The most recent project was in Manta, Ecuador repairing the district church following an earthquake. We have been able to help many of the Manta churches to rebuild or build new facilities. A church and feeding center for children in the poorest area of Manta was constructed in 2022.

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