Jack and Mary-Margaret Morris

North America
Jack and Mary-Margaret Morris have a long relationship with Church of God World Missions and currently serve as opportunity arises.
Missionary #: 060-0025

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Our focus of service has been as overseer and church planter, serving abroad in Kenya, Botswana, and Australia.  We also served as pastor of a Christian servicemen’s center in Germany and established and served as pastor of a Christian servicemen’s center in Turkey. We currently minister as opportunities arise.

Jack was called to missions at the age of 14 in a youth camp. Mary-Margaret, age 12, heard the song, “I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go,” and her heart was pierced. She says, “I made a commitment to serve God wherever He sent me.”  That commitment still stands strong today. 

Our most memorable moment as missionaries was about three months after we arrived in Kenya.  Our 7-year old son, Derek, came out on the veranda to “enjoy the night.” I almost sent him back into the house as I was thinking about some of the challenges that I was facing in the church.  Instead, I welcomed him.  He climbed upon my lap and began asking questions about salvation.  That night I had the joy of leading my son to salvation in Christ.

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