Michael Mills

Latin America
Michael Mills serves in Ecuador where he trains leaders, feeds children, and plants churches.
Missionary #: 060-0084

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We have been career missionaries since 1992 to both Ecuador and 10 years to Uruguay. After 41 years of marriage I became a widower when my soulmate Denise died of COVID in 2021 on the coast of Ecuador. She was a professional chef. We always said, “we leave you with a good taste for missions!” She faithfully served the Lord and finished the race to her Lord as a one-way missionary. She heard the words, “well done my good and faithful servant.” I continue as a one-way missionary here in Ecuador!

These are the ministries that I am concentrating on:

  1. National Discipleship and Evangelistic Program. I started this work by training 70 leaders in two cities in Ecuador, Esmeraldas and Quininde.
  2. Ama Nini Scholarship.  My grandson could not say Abuela or Grandma since he was learning English and Spanish; so he called Denise Ama Nini. I am training the two cities to invite students from 15-17 years old, who have a GPA between 7 to 10 (10/10) is the highest you can earn in Ecuador. With a good GPA we invite the student to a free lunch, give them $30 towards their school supplies and an Ama Nini Scholarship. Normally the students need to work hours at an extra job to pay for those supplies. In 2022, we gave 41 scholarships in Denise’s honor.
  3. Christmas. We provide a meal and gifts for approximately 4,000 children ages 3 to 14 years old.
  4. Church planting. Our goal is to plant 5 new churches in five coastal cities of Ecuador. Currently, we have two planted where COGWM has never been able to plant churches.

I am a missionary because He asked me to give up my life 31 years ago so I can fulfill His life in countries that did not know Him yet.  He purchased my life with His blood!  What was I going to say but YES?

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