Sang Mun and Jee Young Lee

Sang Mun and Jee Young Lee serve as Director of Asian Center of Christian Ministries in Korea where they also evangelize and counsel North Korean defectors through the Vision Center.
Missionary #: 065-0991

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My wife and I are Korean Canadians appointed as missionaries to Korea and abroad.  I am the Director of Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries and Director of the Education Department for Church of God World Missions in Korea.  My vision is to rebuild the Church of God in Korea and the Theological Seminary.  We also have a heart to evangelize the three million foreign workers in Korea.

With the establishment of the Vision Center, we will provide food and accommodation to those who escaped from North Korea to South Korea for freedom.  My wife, Jee Young, is a psychological counselor.  We plan to establish a counseling center to support both the foreign workers and the 35,000 North Korean defectors.  We will give them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Tears flow from the depths of my heart at the reality that there is no freedom in North Korea; because the Gospel cannot be preached freely in North Korea, the souls of the people of North Korea are dying.

Previously, Sang Mun served 10 years as a missionary in the Philippines and 22 years in Canada. My wife, Jee Young, served as a missionary to Japan for 10 years and Taiwan for 2 years.  During those years, we were officially appointed as missionaries to Korea, the Philippines, and Asia by the Church of God in Canada.

One of our memorable moments in ministry involves a case of helping a depressed patient who was on the verge of suicide.  When we helped her, she was crying and praying, waiting for someone to listen and help her with her own difficulties. After meeting us and beginning counseling, she chose to live again.

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