Neil and Jennifer Lawrence

At Large
Neil and Jennifer Lawrence have served in education in Kenya and have recently broadened their scope to teach at Bible schools globally.
Missionary #: 060-0064

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We responded to a call upon our lives to enter the harvest in Kenya in 1993; however, we had been in ministry since 1988. In addition to lecturing at the Bachelor level, we have been involved in Crusade evangelism with our team, Eagle’s Wings Gospel Team. Over a 25-year period, we held 184 Gospel meetings during which thousands received salvation and whole towns were shaken through the Word of God and music.

We started Eagle’s Wings Studio to enable us to produce Christian music and videos, culminating in a television broadcast throughout East Africa. The 30-minute teaching and preaching program, “A Higher Place,” has 70 episodes and is still being broadcast weekly in Kenya.

As of August 2021, we are beginning a new season of ministry with a focus as international missionary educators. Our 30 years of education and mission experience will be shared at Bible schools around the globe. Neil has also started an online Doctorate degree in Apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES).

Our goal is to teach at all of the Church of God Bible schools and various churches wherever we may travel. This focus will help to meet the rising challenge to encourage our congregations and leadership to be better equipped for these challenging times.

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