Alfred and Kylee Khuri

Europe/Middle East
Alfred and Kylee Khuri have served in Israel and the West Bank since 2015 where they share the Gospel through local education and tour guide services.
Missionary #: 102-9446

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We have been serving in the Holy Land since 2015 in a number of capacities throughout Israel and the West Bank.  The first 6 years of our ministry together was as teachers in a Christian school in Bethlehem. We also served at a local church there, Kylee as the worship leader and I as a translator for locals. This allowed for many closed door conversations with former Muslims who received Christ and wanted to learn how to grow closer to Jesus and spread the joy they found in Him.

Kylee has used education to minister to locals for the past 7 years. As an English teacher she is able to use the Bible as context for her classes. After teaching in a high school for 6 years, she now is a lecturer at a local college as well as a middle school teacher. The majority of her students are Muslim, and her favorite thing about ministry here is seeing her students’ eyes light up when they hear the Gospel for the first time. This leads to so many heart changing questions being answered by biblical truths. She builds relationships with her students, and we are able to get to know their families and share the love of Jesus with them in many different ways.

I am a licensed tour guide for Israel. A large part of our ministry is planning affordable trips to the Holy Land for churches in America. We want to give people an opportunity to see where Jesus walked and see the Bible come alive. This ministry allows us to connect Christians to their faith and better understand the Bible in its geographical context.

My favorite moments are conversations I have had with nonbelievers about how they have seen a difference in believers and noticed a change. Kylee and I met on the mission field, got married, and have three wonderful children: Leah, Jace, and Reina.

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