Philip Henderson

North America
Philip Henderson uses his experience in the middle East to train a new generation of missionaries to reach those who have never heard the name of Jesus.
Missionary #: 065-0941

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My name is Philip Henderson, and I am a missionary to the Middle East (Bethlehem from 2014-18 and Jordan from 2019-20).  I’m currently serving as a missionary trainer in Dearborn, Michigan (Detroit metro) where we have one of the most internationally diverse populations in the entire US.  This gives us the unique ability to give new missionaries practical, hands-on training before they ever travel outside of America.

Our priority is to mobilize missionaries to unreached people groups. Jesus said that the Gospel would be preached to all nations, and then the end would come. We have taken up Dr. Hill’s challenge to finish the Great Commission by sending missionaries to the last people who need to hear in some of the hardest places of the world to reach, the ones who have never even heard the name of Jesus and why He came.

I have such a passion for the least reached because God called me out of my job as an assistant district attorney in Georgia and showed me that I needed to love my enemies, but not by considering them an enemy, but by considering them a neighbor and then loving them as I loved myself. He called me to work with a people group that seemingly no one else wanted to go to.  Through that, He taught me what it’s like to see people through His eyes. Now, my soul is burning with a fiery passion to see the Gospel go to people and places where it has never been before.

My greatest experience in missions was at the end of my time in Bethlehem, where I taught Bible to Arab Palestinian Christian and Muslim students. In one of the toughest classes I had, two of the boys told me that throughout their year with me, they felt the tug of God to be missionaries. It was then that God taught me the power of multiplication. Through your generous support, we can launch the missionaries of the future into a fruitful lifetime in missions.


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