Rick and Jennifer Harris

Europe/Middle East
Rick and Jennifer Harris serve as pastors in Elgin, Scotland where they make disciples who will impact their own communities for Christ.
Missionary #: 065-0988

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Rick and Jennifer Harris serve as pastors to Elgin Community Church of God in Scotland since December, 2022.  This is the same church planted in 1991 by Jennifer’s dad, Jym Hitte. They brought their two youngest daughters who were 16 and 13 at the time of the move.

Their primary ministry focus is evangelism and discipleship. In April 2023, they launched discipleship courses for men and women with the goal of training individuals to be disciple makers within their own communities. They desire to impact Elgin and the surrounding communities with the gospel of Jesus by carrying out the great commission of making disciples who will, in turn, repeat the process.

Rick and Jennifer have been married since 1995. They have six children, and as of 2023 they have four grandchildren. Together, they have spent most of their marriage serving in Family and Children’s Ministry as church staff members. Having a heart to reach underserved people groups, they have led missions efforts in Belize and Guatemala. Additionally, they spearheaded an inner city outreach to children in Dalton, Georgia, taking a ministry trailer into one neighborhood weekly for several years. Weekly house to house visits were made by a team of dedicated volunteers followed by an outdoor church service in the center of the neighborhood the following day.

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