Harold and Judy Hanks

Harold and Judy Hanks travel the world conducting evangelism services and helping local pastors.
Missionary #: 065-0094

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We began our mission work after being asked to accompany a pastor to Barbados to preach a crusade. On this trip, we realized that mission work is what God wanted us to be involved in.

We have been missionaries for over 30 years, taking the Gospel to 49 countries around the globe. We preach crusades, youth camps, pastors conferences, and do ministerial training sessions. We build churches, orphanages, homes, and schools as well as train pastors and leaders. In our work, we provide discipleship materials, Bibles, motorcycles, bicycles, tents, and PA equipment to enhance the ministries of the local leaders. We also take medical teams to Central America and minister to the poor and needy.

One of the most touching moments from the mission field we experienced was in the Philippines. While conducting a large youth camp with 700-800 young people, the Lord spoke to me and said, “There is someone here that has been contemplating suicide.” I asked who that was, and a young girl in the back of the auditorium began to sob. I went back and took her by the hand. Then the Lord said to me, “There is more than one.” So, I stopped, and I said, “There are others here that have felt the same way.” When I said that, about 35 of those girls came running to the altar sobbing. They were weeping and asking God to help them. We told them, “Girls, never take your life, but rather give it to Jesus and let Him do great things with it!” We still get emails from some of the girls today telling me how blessed their lives have been since that day.

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