Bryson and Anna Grizzle

Bryson and Anna Grizzle work in South Africa where they focus on planting house churches with the goal of reaching communities.
Missionary #: 065-0972

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We are the Grizzles: Bryson, Anna, Rowen Asher and Julien Levi.  Our guiding principle is encapsulated in a saying I coined a few years ago: “You can’t get lost chasing Jesus.”  We are currently based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where our focus is on establishing house churches and empowering local residents to reach out to their own communities. This approach embodies the kind of discipleship that Christ envisioned in The Great Commission. Our strategy involves creating a network of interconnected house churches that will in turn give rise to new house churches. We are convinced that this model has the potential to spark a spiritual revival in regions such as Somalia, South Sudan, Chad, Western Sahara, and other places where the spread of the Gospel has been restricted.

When I was 10 years old, I received a message from God affirming, “You will reach the nations.” At 17, I made the decision to embrace this calling. My wife and I attended Holmes Bible College where we engaged in short-term missions and pursued various forms of training to prepare ourselves for the path ahead. Despite our youth, we have journeyed together to numerous destinations worldwide. We have volunteered at an orphanage in Mexico, conducted evangelism efforts on the Island of Abaco and the streets of Costa Rica. At just 6 months old, our child Rowen accompanied us as we relocated to the Kibera slum in Kenya, initiating discipleship groups with the local community and aiding trafficked children. The day after Julien was born, we organized a conference for young individuals who feel compelled to pursue missionary work, and even then, our children, Rowen and Julien, were by our side.

The task of fulfilling The Great Commission may appear daunting, but long ago, I resolved that if my plans do not require faith, they likely are not aligned with God’s plans. I am fully aware that we cannot accomplish this mission alone. This is why we have been entrusted with a vision to lead a movement in this generation, inspiring others to embrace the call to missions. We have taken the initial steps by launching an annual conference aimed at answering the question, “How do I get started in missions?” Our inaugural event drew over 125 young participants. Additionally, we are developing plans to establish a summer camp for teens focused on missionary training, as well as a missionary training school for young adults. By training 64 young adults for missions annually, we can potentially have a missionary present in every country in the world within just three years!  We believe with this method and your help, we can see unreached people groups become a thing of the past.

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