Stephen and Ashley Griffin

Stephen and Ashley Griffin are raising funds to prepare for service in Tanzania, Africa through evangelism, safe water projects, public health, and education.
Missionary #: 065-0990

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We are raising funds to fulfill our role in the Great Commission by doing our part to go and make a difference in the many tribes of Tanzania through evangelism, safe water projects, public health, and education.

It began with a simple magazine insert about the clean water crisis.  Nearly one million people worldwide die each year from dirty water, poor sanitation, and hygiene-related diseases.  Unless something changes, this means that unreached people groups will be born, live, and die without ever knowing who Jesus is.  There are still over twenty tribes in Tanzania who have never heard the Gospel.  Given the healthcare statistics above, there’s a high probability that many of them will never have the chance.

After marrying in 2006, we served in two local churches in ministry and administrative roles.  But God was developing a heart for missions on several short-term trips outside the USA.  In 2020, on a mountaintop overlooking the beautiful country of Mexico, we received a call to full-time missions service.  In 2022, Stephen took a short term trip to Tanzania where God confirmed His calling on our lives to that country.

Your partnership and prayers are vital as the Griffin family: Stephen and Ashley, Abbey (13), Olivia (12), Jude (8), and Ezra (6), make a huge life transition and begin ministering to truly unreached people.

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