Ruben and Trisha Ferrell

Latin America
Ruben and Trisha Ferrell serve the needy in Peru where they have established feeding centers and churches in some of the most underserved areas of the county.
Missionary #: 065-0980

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Ruben and his family currently live in the states and serve at their local church. In 2017, Ruben began working in the mission field by planting churches, building feeding centers and wells, and ministering to the lost in various regions of Peru.

In 2023, Ripple Ministries was birthed. A “ripple” gives evidence to the fact that something happened – something entered and things were no longer the same. Ruben and his family desire to create ripples in the lives of others by answering the call to the mission’s field where they share the love and hope that is found in Jesus.

One of their most memorable moments happened in 2020 when the mission team was led to the village of Garcia along the Ucayali River. This village flooded constantly. There was no running water or electricity, and venomous snakes swam into the people’s homes. This village has a significant population of children who have been left there by parents who cannot or choose not to take care of them. Ruben was blessed to be the first one to tell them about the love of Jesus Christ.  Nineteen people received salvation that day!  Villages likes Garcia are why God has called missionaries.  There are no words to express the joy that they feel seeing villages like this grow in the Lord despite their living conditions.

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