Danny and Peggy Thornton

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Danny and Peggy Thornton host conferences primarily in Latin America where they train youth and adults in children's ministry and street evangelism.
Missionary #: 065-0220

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Danny and Peggy Thornton have a goal of holding 4-6 conferences per year primarily in Latin America where they train youth and adults in children’s ministry and street evangelism. Along with a team of teachers from Latin America, they teach the volunteers in the arts of clown, mime, puppets, and dance. Each of the students receives a free outfit which can be used in street evangelism. They have led 120 conferences in every country in Central and South America as well as Dominican Republic and have also served in the Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan.

The method God gave us is to train the students three and a half days followed by three and a half days in which they go back by teams and do street evangelisms on their own around their own church and homes. We have them to report back to us at the end of the week. Our target audience is children, but many youth and adults are also drawn to the music, skits, dramas and dance. This has yielded a large number of souls for Christ and students who are trained to go back into their local church and work with children.

One favorite memory was when I was so nervous that not many would come to our conference in a downtown church of a large city. I prayed, “Oh, Lord help us!” When I walked up to the church, police had come to stop the crowd from getting into the downtown street to block traffic because 672 teachers and students had come. One of Peggy’s favorite memories involved money. One time we were ready to leave the US for a conference, but we were short two thousand dollars. Danny remembered that a businessman friend of ours had told him to call at the last of our fund raising time to see if he could help. Danny went to his phone list to get his number. When he marked the spot with his finger, he accidentally moved his finger two numbers down to another friend whom he did not intend to call. That friend picked up his phone, and upon discovering it was Danny on the line, he spoke up saying, “Oh I am glad you called. I have a check for two thousand dollars on my desk for you.”

We have been married for fifty-one years and have three sons and eight grandchildren. We are blessed because we minister in many countries while still being able to return home to be near our family.



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