Jamison and Kelli Creel

Europe/Middle East
Jamison and Kelli Creel have served in Israel reaching Muslims and are currently working in Greece with immigrants and refugees.
Missionary #: 065-0500

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We are long-term veteran missionaries who met while serving the Palestinian people in Jerusalem.  We lived for over twenty years in Israel, serving in Jerusalem and Bethlehem and raised our children Andrew, Abigail, Madeline, Micah, and Nathaniel there.  I studied history and psychology at Lee University and hold a master’s degree in Middle Eastern Cultures and Religions from Jerusalem University College along with teacher certification from Kingwood College in Texas.

Our ministry has always centered around using education as a platform to reach Muslim people with the Gospel.  I served as the superintendent of Jerusalem School – Bethlehem for over a decade growing the school from around 200 students to over 700.  We are currently tasked with implementing a similar model in Greece.  Greece is the primary entry point of Afghan, Syrian, Iranian, and Iraqi refugees into Europe.  Hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees and immigrants reside there.  These refugee populations suffer from sever poverty and extremely high illiteracy rates.  Our ministry, The Mars Hill Initiative, aims to serve those needs while sharing the Gospel.

Being a true and dedicated Bible teacher, my favorite moments are when I get to share the Bible with Muslims who have never read it before.

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