David and Vickie Byrd

Latin America
David and Vickie Byrd serve in the impoverished regions of Guatemala providing clean drinking water and bringing the Gospel to villages.
Missionary #: 065-0910

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I stumbled through the darkness trying to avoid the guard dogs roaming the area. I was high in the mountains of Guatemala, hundreds of miles and worlds away from my home in Douglasville, Georgia. It was terrifying.

I had been on this missions trip for several days. When I returned home, all I could think about was Guatemala. For six months I cried and prayed, my heart burdened unbelievably for the Guatemalan people.

I was an elementary school teacher and my wife, Vickie, had a good job at a heart clinic. But we knew God was calling us back to Guatemala, but we had to be sure–more than sure–before we gave everything up and followed. After three visions from God, we knew it was right. We moved to Guatemala in June 2005 and have never looked back.

Our call to Guatemala is to provide the basic needs of the people and share the gospel.  The people we serve, in the eastern part of the country, live in poverty that is unimaginable to most Americans. By meeting the physical needs of the people, we find hearts more receptive to the Word.

Our ministry provides 290-gallon water tanks for families that otherwise would not have a source of clean water. We give blankets to seniors and children who sleep on the cold ground. We help students with books, uniforms, shoes, and school supplies so that, through education, the kids can break the cycle of poverty in their community.

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