Alex and Leah Abiola

Alex and Leah serve as Superintendent of the anglophone West African nations where they focus on ministerial training, leadership empowerment, and medical assistance.  
Missionary #: 065-0458

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Alex and Leah Abiola serve as the overseers to Nigeria and Superintendents to anglophone West Africa. With a ministry that includes ministerial education, medical missions, family and marital counseling, substance abuse counseling, and outreach to children and poor, they have touched many lives.

They served as missionaries to the Republic of Ireland from December 2004 to July 2010.  From 2010-2012, they were missionaries in Nigeria. From 2012 to present, they have served as missionaries/Administrative Overseer, and from 2018 to present also serve as Superintendent to the anglophone West Africa countries.  Living in Lagos, Nigeria, the Abiolas are strategically well located to minister to the entire country and the surrounding countries.

The Abiolas work fervently and constantly, abounding in the work of the lord, demonstrating God’s love, wisdom, and peace that the church may stand perfect and complete in order to make progress and move forward in all the will of God, fulfilling fearlessly the calling of God with effectiveness.

Alex and Leah coordinate short-term mission trips to Nigeria and the anglophone countries of Western Africa in the area of ministerial training, leadership empowerment, and medical assistance.  One of their projects is to teach pastors to be self-supporting and effective leaders.  They also help the needy and provide medical assistance.  In the future, they would like also to build schools, hospitals, orphanages, and churches.

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