Partnership Award Winners for 2020–2022

Partnership Award Winners for 2020–2022

July 26, 2022

Church of God World Missions is pleased to announce the Partnership Award Winners for 2020 – 2022.

Church Awards & Recognitions


First		Romanian Territory	Chicago-Philadelphia	Florin Cimpean

Category 1 – 50 in Membership

First 		Tennessee	Ladd Springs		Dennis McGuire 
Runner-Up	Kentucky	London-Grace Fellowship	Dale Campbell 

Category 51 – 100 in Membership

First		South Carolina 	Huggin Oak		Edgar Foster
Runner-Up	Western NC	Wagram			Richard Brewer 

Category 101 – 200 in Membership

First		Florida-Tampa	Ocoee			Lloyd Odom 
Runner-Up	Eastern NC	Alligood		Gary Bateman 

Category 201 – 300 in Membership

First		N. Georgia	Cleveland-The Bridge	Patrick Ballington
Runner-Up	Pennsylvania	Greencastle		Floyd Myers

Category 301 – 400 in Membership

First		Tennessee	Bristol-Grace Point	Brandon Smith
Runner-Up	Florida-Tampa	Restoration		John Morgan

Category 401 – 500 in Membership

First		Florida-Tampa	Williston		Wes Smith
Runner-Up	South Carolina	Palmetto Pointe 	Jamie Barfield 

Category 501 – 750 in Membership

First		Florida-Tampa	Gainesville		Edward “Chris” Chrisopulos 
Runner-Up	Florida-Tampa	Gulf Coast		Randal Morris 

Category 751 – 1000 in Membership

First		Western NC	Kannapolis-West A	Greg Sloop
Runner-Up	Virginia	Azalea Garden		Rodney Vickers

Category 1001 – 1,500 in Membership

First		Alabama		Life Church Huntsville	Kevin McGlamery
Runner-Up	Florida-Tampa	Cooper City		Victor Massey

Category 1,501 – 2,500 in Membership

First		TN	Restoration Intl Outreach	Ronald Hepperly
Runner-Up	South Carolina	Fort Mill		Mark Leonhardt

Category 2,501 – UP in Membership

First		South Carolina	Praise Cathedral	Jerry Madden
Runner-Up	Tennessee	North Cleveland		Mark Williams

State Awards & Recognitions


First		Romanian Territory 			Florin Cimpean

Category C

First		Hawaii					Fred A Abbott
Runner-Up	Rocky Mountain Region			David B. Smith

Category B

First		North Central Region			David L. Kemp
Runner-Up	Minnesota				Clayton Watson

Category A

First		Alaska					Jeffery McGirt
Runner-Up	Arizona					J. Shea Hughes

Category AA

First		Pacific Northwest			J. Pat Wright
Runner-Up	Illinois				Rick Whitter

Category AAA

First		Pennsylvania				Tony D. Cooper
Runner-Up	Mississippi				Melvin R. Shuler

Category 4 Star

First		Western North Carolina			Kenneth R. Bell
Runner-Up	Eastern North Carolina			L. Dennis Page	

Category 5 Star

First		Tennessee				T. Wayne Dority
Runner-Up	South Carolina				Bruce Rabon

Category 6 Star

First		Florida – Tampa				Timothy E. Brown
Runner-Up	North Georgia				Thomas A. Madden

The World Missions Banquet has historically been one of the highlights of General Assembly week. The winners were announced at the Banquet on Monday, July 25, 2022, at the Grand Hyatt Lone Star Ballroom. The Banquet attendees enjoyed Geron and Becky Davis and Voices of Lee under the direction of Danny Murray from Lee University. Our featured speaker for the evening was Dr. Mark Rutland. Dr. Rutland is the Founder and Director of the National Institute of Leadership and Global Servants, a missions organization with focused efforts in Ghana, and Thailand. He is a New York Times Best Selling author, educator, charismatic leader, businessman, and a nationally recognized figure in Christian higher education.

One of the many highlights of the evening was the time set aside to honor the General Director, David M. Griffis, and Assistant Director, M. Thomas Propes, for their six years of service to Church of God World Missions. Their charge to “Send the Light to the Cities” has made a lasting impact on the dissemination of the gospel around the globe.