Heroes of World Missions

Jacqueline Merlo

Jacqueline Merlo

July 16, 2023

Jacqueline Merlo, wife of Bishop Christian Merlo, National Overseer of the Church of God in France, passed away on Wednesday, July 12 at the age of 64. Her departure was a significant loss to the Church of God France family. In addition to her husband, she is survived by her mother, three daughters, a son, and four grandchildren. She was a native of the island of Mauritius.

Pastor Jacqueline Merlo served as Director of Women’s Ministry at the Church of God in France and was a member of the Protestant Federation of France (FPF). She crisscrossed France to encourage Christian women to make themselves totally available to the Lord Jesus Christ who redeemed them at a great price. She was engaged in prayer, preaching the gospel, and leading worship. Her ministry was characterized by healings and words of knowledge.

She was Bishop Christian Merlo’s main supporter in his duties as National Overseer of the Church of God in France, a member of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee), and the Protestant Federation of France.

She co-founded with her husband the Church of God “Philadelphia, the Outstretched Hand” in Verrières le Buisson (a suburb of Paris) to share her passion for Jesus Christ. As part of their ministry, they helped many Christians find harmony as couples and families. Their motto is: “A strong couple makes a strong family, a strong family makes a strong church, and a strong church makes a strong nation.”

May the Holy Spirit console all those who are grieved by the departure of the servant of God, Jacqueline Merlo!