We Never Know

We Never Know

December 7, 2021

We never know when a hurricane will blow down homes and churches … when a virus will devastate a people … when an impossible opportunity to establish a testimony of God’s love presents itself … or when God will open doors to show His Word written on our hearts.

Psalm 41 says: “Blessed are those who consider the poor …“Jesus was born to a poor family. He preached to the poor and loved them in their poverty.

Christ’s Birthday Offering is a Church of God World Missions project that honors the birth of Christ and prepares to answer prayer and provide hope for the poor and those in need. Your families’ gift of $20.21 will go, 100 percent, toward helping others.

Your Christ’s Birthday Offering feeds the hungry, those who have lost everything, it sustains orphans and widows in Latin America, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa.

World Missions Director David Griffis asks this: “In 2021, let’s give Jesus the largest birthday gift He has ever received through Christ’s Birthday Offering. Remember … When we reach out, God reaches in!”

Our prayer is that the beauty and the joy of the Christmas season will bless your home abundantly as you take a moment to give to others so much less fortunate.