Sabrina Evans

Europe/Middle East

Sabrina Evans works at the Hope and Healing Counseling center in Prague, Czech Republic and serves in the local church to reach the community.

Missionary #: 065-0463

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While attending Lee University, I took my first short-term mission trip. After two trips to Ukraine and learning more about Central and Eastern Europe, I developed a heart to serve in this part of the world.

In 2003, I did another short-term trip to Prague, Czech Republic. What was supposed to be a five-week trip turned into a long-term commitment as the Czech Republic captured my heart. After five years of teaching, mentoring, and participating in a church-plant, I saw the need to further equip myself for ministry.  In 2008, I returned to the United States to study Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary.

With these new skills in hand, I returned to the Czech Republic again in January 2012. Since then, my teammates and I have established a counseling center in Prague where there is a great need for these types of services. In addition to counseling, I partner with the local Church of God in Prague and accompanying community outreach center. For the past ten years I have served on the children’s ministry team at church, taught English in an after-school club, and been a leader in English camps for children and teens.

Regularly, my favorite memories as a missionary include those sacred moments in counseling sessions when a person experiences a breakthrough. Additionally, I recall a time when the children from our church in Prague gathered around in prayer to send me out to help with a children’s camp in Serbia. It was precious because I felt that I was no longer just an outsider or a missionary to them. Rather, I belonged and was being sent out from them to others.

My view of missions is holistic. I believe the missionary always has as much or more to learn and receive from the host culture as he or she gives.

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